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Powerman Duathlon is the most recognized brand worldwide. It is owned and managed by the IPA, International Powerman Association, and summons the best of both professional duathletes of the planet as fans of all ages. Although the format of Duathlon, Run-Bike-Run, is simpler than the Triathlon, it is however, a test that increasingly has more followers who want to prove themselves and overcome their physical limits.

Powerman, has become the most watched Duathlon Long Distance Race: 10km Run, 60km Bike and 10 km Run. In addition, athletes who start duathlon, a race of short 5km Run, 30km Bike and 5km Run is offered. And for the more adventurous and prepared, Powerman provides proof Ultra distance: 10km Run, 120 Bike and 20km Run.

Since 1997, the ITU chose the Powerman Zofingen Race in Switzerland and Duathlon World Championship and since then until today, Duathlon World Championship has been held continuously in this city from the hand of the ITU and IPA. This world championship Zofingen held a unique race with distances of 10km Run, 150km Bike and 30km Run.