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IPA stands for International Powerman Association. Powerman is the most well-known duathlon brand around the wolrd which has held races in 19 countries. In a duathlon race, participants need to finish the run – bike – run challenge in a row.

Duathlon is a new sport started by 1980s coming from triathlon. With the number of the enthusiastic of running and cycling both boomed, a sport that combine the two green and interesting sports come to life. Duathlon is a more handy and easily joined sport compared to triathlon but not an easy one – most of the participants find it more challenging according to a research. Running and cycling in a same race could exercise human body completely without water – which also means less expense and more convenient training places. As a result, more and more people are getting into the world of duathlon as they also bring a huge market at the same time.

In the 90s, different organizers of leading duathlon races, including myself, met and decided to invent and start a joint World Class Duathlon series under a new strong brand: POWERMAN.

Powerman Series are steaming day by day, and events have been blooming in America, Europe, and Asia that have attracted athletes of different gender, color, nationality together. The Powerman Zofingen in Switzerland every year is the toughest and top stage for duathlon athletes!

As participants of Powerman duathlon is doubling all over the world, IPA is also spreading its name and services. Different categories including Elite, Classic, Short and Powerkids with age groups from 8 to 88 years old are set in each Powerman event. IPA also provides a race standard system and the ITU-ETU-IPA ranking system, with a high quality of race results and impeccable medical and security services. With duathlon listed in the 2013 World Games, Powerman now catches more media attention. Now IPA is offering a TV rebroadcast and online live service. Each Powerman event is also a great chance to make a city more popular!

The brand Powerman is adding more events to its menu in season 2016-2017, and the next Powerman duathlon race, will be in here China!