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AQ:What's a Powerman duathlon race?

Powerman is the most well-known duathlon series around the globe. Duathlon is a new sport coming from triathlon where participants need to finish 3 sections of run - bike - run and the results are based on finish time.

AQ:What’s the Powerman Race levels?

Level of a Powerman race is divided to Point Race, National Championships, Intercontinental Championships, World Championships(Powerman Zofingen)

AQ:How long is the distance of Powerman races?

Based on Powerman 2017-2020: All can be joined National-, Continental- or World Championships.

Powemran Short: 5km run – 30km bike – 5km run 

Powerman Classic: 10km run – 60km bike – 10km run 

Powerman Long: 10km run – 120km bike – 20km run 

Zofingen exclusive Powerman Ultra: 10km run – 150km bike – 30km run(yearly Wolrd Championships/Poweman Zofingen)

AQ:Can I register at scene?

No. Powerman China Series only accept registers online before the race.

AQ:Can I register at scene?

No. Powerman China Series only accept registers online before the race.

AQ:Where and how can I get my race pack?

The race pack collection is on a day before the race. A valid ID and a signed Organizer’s Release is need. Also participants need to pay a deposit for the timer (which will be given back to the participants after timers have been returned unspoiled). Time of the race pack collection and the amount of deposit will be published in each Race Regulation.

AQ:What is a valid ID?

The passport foreigners used for register the event.

AQ:How will the race timing work? Why is a deposit needed?

For the result to be fair and open, a electronic timing system is used for Powerman China Series. Every participant need to tie a timer on him/her in the race. As a result, a deposit for the timer which should be returned to get your money back after the race is needed. Please tie the timer correctly as instruction says or refer to referee’s orders. Also remember to avoid getting through the starting line with your timer on beside your category in order not to disturb the event order.

AQ:Any requires for bikes?

International Triathlon Union (ITU) Racing Rules suits Powerman races, route tryouts and official tranings in the mass. Road bikes, mountain bikes, time trail bikes that conform the regulation of UCI Regulations and triathlon bikes that conform the regulation of ITU Racing Regulations could be used in bike sections of Powerman China series.

AQ:Any requires for suits?

You should wear an outfit suit for sports. Participants must wear helmets in bike section and other protection is allowed. A bare torso is prohibited. No banners, flags and dangerous articles are allowed on neither body nor bike.

AQ:How do I search results?

Result of the Powerman event will be published on official website. Participants could check his/her own results at the result page  http://www.powermanchina.cn/?p=5&a=chengji